When disaster strikes,
Service 1st Restoration
is here to put your business back together.

We comprise of a team that takes great pride in their work from start to finish, with a commitment to excellence, integrity and honesty. Our team’s commitment is to transform an unexpected situation back to normal.

We take our emergency response to heart. Service1st is an independently owned and operated business that believes in doing our part to build a better community.

We offer discount programs for First Responders, Teachers, & Medical Professionals, plus our refer a friend discount!

Fire Damage Restoration

Temporary board up, soot and smoke removal, demolition, and other measures necessary

Mold & Biohazard Remediation

Bio-hazard and crime scene clean up, sewage backup services, mold remediation, and covid disinfecting applications

Water Damage Restoration

Water extraction and structural drying, structural cleaning and odor control

Specialty Services

Decontamination and disinfecting services, indoor air quality, content restoration, pack out and inventory, virtual property adjusting

Clients Served
Businesses Saved
Charities Supported

The best service
comes from Service1st.


We offer tools that will bring great value to your Emergency & Risk Management. Service1st is here to help you protect your property through proactive planning.

Contact Service1st for an emergency framework and tools that will help you plan ahead. 

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Minimize Downtime with Service1st. Our emergency restoration experts are available to assist you. We understand property damage situations are never expected and that the unfortunate circumstance may have affected many lives and properties. We are here to help. Submit the loss information and expect to hear from our Emergency Team to begin the process of Remediation or Restoration Services.