Water, Wind & Storm Restoration Services

Unexpected natural disasters, from tornadoes and strong winds to heavy rains and hurricanes, leave a wide array of damage.

Service1st Restoration understands this, along with the need for a fast, efficient response to correct the problem while protecting your property from further damage. We are able to repair and replace the areas affected by the storm. Our goal is to make your property habitable as quickly as possible. Our team continues training through the highest procedures recognized in the cleaning and restoration industry.


Water, Wind, and Storm restoration includes but is not limited to:

    • Water Extraction
    • Water Damage Mitigation
    • Structural Dehumidification & Drying
    • Structure Cleaning
    • Structural Stabilization
    • Roof Cover
    • Controlled Debris Removal
    • Temporary Power
    • Temporary Fencing
    • Temporary Heat

Indoor Air Quality 

Service1st Restoration knows there are many factors that effect a facilities indoor air quality (IAQ).   If a facility has been closed and stagnant, with air systems shut down or running less frequently, these items along with less movement in your facility could create opportunity for indoor air issues.  

Eliminate concerns by taking proactive measures and have an IAQ assessment completed.  Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the air quality within and around buildings and structures.  IAQ is part of indoor environmental quality (IEQ), which includes IAQ as well as other physical and psychological aspects of life indoors (e.g., lighting, visual quality, acoustics, and thermal comfort).

Indoor Air Quality measures include but are not limited to:

  • IAQ assessments 
  • IAQ testing 
  • IAQ samples and lab results 
  • Proposed scope of work to address indoor air concerns
  • EPA’s Indoor Environments Division (IED) provides guidance on how to help build the capacity of communities to understand and avoid indoor and outdoor health impacts. Learn more about Indoor Air Quality through the EPA  https://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/introduction-indoor-air-quality