Specialized Clean-Up Services: Bio-Hazard, Virus Decontamination including COVID-19, COVID-19 Delta Variant, Trauma, Crime Scenes

Service1st technician is prepared for bio-hazard services

Service1st Restoration is qualified to handle these situations carefully, discreetly and professionally.     

Bio-Hazard Clean-up should not be left to anyone untrained.  Protect yourself, your business and your personnel by trusting Trained Experts.

Service1st provides services due to: Bio-Hazard, Blood-borne Pathogens, Sewage, Trauma, Crime-Scene, MRSA, Viruses, COVID-19, Covid-19 Delta Variant, Hoarding, Pet or Animal Waste. 

Call us for Emergency Clean-up and Decontamination Services:


Interested in implementing a Disinfection Program?  Service1st is available to help you maintain a safe Business or Commercial Space.  Whether it is Covid-19 Delta Variant or the Flu-Season, Service1st can set up a  program to help keep your building safe. 

When you have bio-hazardous materials to address, it can be dangerous for your employees and your clients. Service1st is able to take care of bio-hazard situations. Special processes must be used along with PPE, Personal Protection Equipment, for all workers involved with the clean-up of these and any unsanitary conditions. Before entering possible contaminated areas; consider contacting Service1st Restoration, your Clean up Specialists. All situations are unique – below are a few examples of ways we help:

    • We remove the contaminated water and materials from the location
    • We separate any non-restorable and restorable contents
    • We remove non-restorable building materials
    • We establish a safe cleaning, drying and decontamination plan for your property
    • We provide accurate documentation of the entire process
    • We work with both the property owner and the insurance company, if applicable, throughout the project
    • We document a return to a clean and healthy environment
    • We provide complete repair and reconstruction services for your property

Crime Scenes, Death and Virus Cross-Contamination

 Blood-borne pathogens and biological materials can be dangerous.  Service1st has trained, experienced employees, the right equipment and a respect for those who may have just experienced this tragedy first hand.  We know how to remove bio-hazardous materials, and dispose of or properly transport those materials, and then clean, decontaminate, disinfect and deodorize any affected area.  

    • Any sort of natural death, including decomposition
    • Injuries and accidents that have occurred on your work site
    • Homicide, suicide, an unattended death
    • Onsite automobile and vehicle blood cleanup
    • Office or work areas that have been exposed to a communicable disease and infectious waste
    • Decontamination and disinfecting services to kill viruses with a ULV fogging application
    • Setting up applicable equipment may include Ozone treatments

Trauma Site Clean Up and Biological Waste Removal

Service1st serves any offices, commercial buildings, hospitals, or other areas that require trauma site cleaning and decontamination. We can also restore your property to its original condition. Service1st provides specialty cleaning services using a thorough cleaning process that incorporates hospital-grade disinfectants to treat affected surfaces. Our processes and products vary depending on what will be required to destroy the mutation.  We provide cutting-edge, proven technology to leave your environment clean.

    • Police facilities and police or ambulance vehicles
    • Coroner response to properties
    • Hospital and Nursing Facilities
    • Schools, Universities and Daycares
    • Hospitality
    • Workplace clean-ups
    • Transportation companies on-site accidents

Indoor Air Quality 

Service1st provides indoor air quality services that will help businesses keep a healthy environment and stay open.  If a facility has been closed and stagnant, with air systems shut down or running less frequently, these items along with less movement in the facility could create opportunity for indoor air issues. Service1st helps businesses take proactive measures by offering IAQ assessments.  Provide reassurance to your personnel by having your IAQ tested today.