Sprinkler Head Malfunction



Frozen pipes caused sprinkler heads to malfunction and damage hotel rooms and hallways. 

Our Service 1st Team responded immediately to the incident, and assessed damage to determine staffing and equipment needs. Service 1st Restoration technicians arrived on site, within an hour of the assessment, to begin repairs.

Services & Restoration

Area of loss secured, containment chambers built in necessary areas to prevent cross contamination, ceiling tile and grid removal, plaster ceiling removal, moisture mapping of affected walls, content manipulation, content cleaning, selective demolition, water extraction, flooring removal in specified areas, removal of wall paper, setting of drying equipment including air-movers, dehumidifiers, inject-a-dry units, application of botanical sporicide, moisture monitoring process of ceilings, walls, flooring, indoor air quality.

Ceiling repairs and tile replacements, wallpaper, painting, trim and baseboard replacement, flooring install, cleaning of all flooring and affected areas.


Hotel Room - Before

Hotel Room - After

Hotel Hallway - BEFORE

Hotel Hallway - After

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