Fire Restoration & Demolition

Service1st Restoration has years of experience providing efficient demolition, removal and salvage services to residential and commercial customers in and around Central Pennsylvania. Not only are we experienced in demolition, we believe and specialize in green demolition techniques which allow our clients to preserve assets of value: concrete, metal, certain glasses, plastic and more.

We believe in safe and efficient performance at every level.

Partnering with our customers from start to finish on all projects is important to us. Demolition projects in Pennsylvania are not always simple and straightforward. Because of this, Service1st Restoration understands and abides by federal and state-required procedures. We are able to provide guidance as it pertains to potential environmental issues, salvage value options, utility shut-downs and other issues that could hinder a demolition project.

Our services include:

    • Residential, commercial, and industrial wrecking and dismantling
    • Conventional demolitions
    • Environmental remediation
    • Site restoration
    • Concrete and asphalt crushing and recycling services
    • Structural Stabilization
    • Roof Cover
    • Controlled Debris Removal


We believe in safe and efficient performance at every level. Our demolition professionals are certified and available to answer questions while providing a project plan that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.

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