Vandalism Clean-Up Services

Vandalism Costs Government Organizations Billions of Dollars Per Year

Government buildings are often the target of vandalism, as well as structures at parks and public recreational areas. Vandalism takes many forms such as graffiti, broken windows and doors, and destructively ruined garage doors and safety bollards.  Removing graffiti, replacing broken windows, or repairing damaged structures or equipment all comes at a cost. This causes costs to be accumulated by the municipality and ultimately taxpayers.

The team at Service1st Restoration will work with you to provide 24/7/365 Emergency Response for board-ups or site security measures.

As an approved COSTARS vendor, Service1st can be your resource to provide immediate response and also to return your building, or structure, back to pre-loss condition.

To learn more about the ways Service1st Restoration assists Pennsylvania’s State and Local Government, call  tel:1-717-232-5444 or reach out by email