Sewage Damage and Clean-up   

Service1st Restoration is qualified to handle this situation carefully, discreetly and professionally.

Sewage damage is an extremely dangerous form of bio-hazard clean-up and is considered a category (Cat 3) loss which is the worst type of water loss.  The possibility of blood-borne pathogens and other contaminants is high. In the event of a sewage back-up, it is best to leave and evacuate the space.The first item Service 1st would assess would be to find any environmental or electrical hazards. Also, it is important to assess what materials are contaminated from the sewage: carpet/pad, what the flooring type is and underlayment, and if the sewage has affected the drywall or wall surfaces and the contents that may have been affected.  With this level of contamination, typically these items would need to be disposed of, cautiously, to avoid any cross-contamination within your property.

Anyone entering the contaminated area must wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Once the source of damage has been identified and repaired, the clean-up will begin by setting up containment barriers and proceeding with pumping out the water and sewage and necessary clean-up, sanitation and possibly selective demo and repairs.  Other systems should be inspected for damage including your HVAC system.  The final stage of the clean-up service may include fogging with a microbial to treat any airborne bacteria.  Some potential causes of a sewer back up would be a blockage of a main or pipe, an aging sewer system that hasn’t been repaired, or tree roots that have entered into the pipes.