Drying & Dehumidification

Water damage? Leave it to the professionals

Structural drying is a science that weighs many variables to achieve the proper outcome. We have a thorough understanding of hidden moisture and hidden water damage and how to not only recognize it, but mitigate it and document the recovery process to eliminate any environmental concerns. Working as your general contractor, our team will keep the end result in mind, to help you—as the property owner—make the most cost-effective decisions throughout the process.

We can locate the source of the water, extract the water and remove non-salvageable building materials and contents. Our professional water restoration services include the use of meters to measure the amount of moisture in the materials compared to the atmosphere which will help us determine the proper amount of equipment to set to properly restore the materials.

Our technicians are trained in psychometrics—the science of drying. Service1st  is an IICRC Certified Firm with technicians that are trained and qualified to promptly mitigate water problems. We have several hundred pieces of drying equipment at our location, available to address a variety of  job sizes. We will use the most efficient equipment for your property’s loss to achieve effective drying. Our goal is to respond quickly and to prevent further damage.

Wood Flooring Restoration

Wood flooring is semi-porous and absorbs water through the joints of the wood. If you catch the water damage on wood flooring in a short amount of time it can usually be recovered.  Don’t delay calling Service 1st if this happens in your facility!  We have tools such as floor drying mats and intricate drying mats that we use to remove the water from the wood to restore it to its original state. If there has been an extended period of time that the water has been sitting, the floor may need removed and replaced.  Our goal is to restore and take your flooring to it’s pre-loss condition.