Emergency Partnership

Our expert consultants assist our clients in a vary of ways

Service 1st Restoration consultants are utilized for their expertise, whether it is for advice and analytical services or how to deal with emergency situations.  Service 1st takes a proactive approach helping organizations devise disaster plans, create or update emergency action plans and protocols as well as conducting preparedness training. We believe the best approach to being prepared is working closely with a “partner” who understands your business and your commitment to success.

Our consulting services include:

    • Meeting with EPP clients to consider all probable aspects of a loss prior to a disaster
    • Meeting with EPP clients to evaluate current disaster plans
    • Helping with the implementation of improved or new disaster plans and emergency action plans
    • Quarterly training’s with EPP clients
    • Preparing estimates with accurate numbers and time frames
    • Documenting the nature of losses and the scope of required repairs
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