Commercial Facility Services for Offices, Retail, Medical and More…

Service1st believes your office or retail space should reflect your company vibe and culture you built, and work to maintain.  Let us help you design or update a space that will showcase who your brand!


Whether you are updating your business office, your retail location or fitting out a new space, we would love to work with you!

A commercial renovation of an existing space is a great option to consider, rather than new construction.  Also, commercial facilities often need updates in order to maintain compliance with state and federal guidelines.

Project success requires partnership with the right contractor.  Service1st Restoration excels in evaluating, planning, and executing building, facility, and specialty spaces, i.e.  retail stores, salons, restaurant transformations, medical offices, co-working or shared office environments, etc. to ensure your operation is within the standards and practices you set forth.  Service1st will help take your vision and make it a reality with your newly designed space.

Service1st believes your business space should reflect your company culture you consistently work to maintain.  We have the expertise to retrofit a space to make it your own.  If you are considering making an update or renovation, we are available to discuss your project with you and look forward to the opportunity to transform your space!

Commercial facility updates can include but are not limited to:

    • Lighting conversion to LED or lighting replacements
    • Ceiling tile and grid replacement to modernize the space
    • Trim removal, replacement or painting
    • Service Counter, Desk or Work Station Updates or Replacements
    • Business expansion & Space additions
    • Flooring upgrades
    • Transformation of space with new paint, addition or removal of wall paper
    • Door upgrades or replacements

3D Image Services for your Business – Take a Proactive Approach to Protect your Asset, Property & Contents 

Knowing that your property insurance policy will require thorough documentation of your property and contents, Service1st offers a 3D Scanning Service of your Property that can be viewed as a 3D Image and Video.  The technology is incredible!  A sketch including accurate schematics and dimensions of your facility are also available to you. This 3D Image service is available to any business or property owner.  If you are responsible for your property or contents, this level of documentation will protect you, in the event of an unforeseen situation.  We also provide this service for Facility, Property Managers and Insurance Companies that are seeking virtual adjusting and assessment options.

Protect your Property and Contents through this extremely accurate documentation process.  Call us today to learn more and schedule a Demo of our 3D Image Scanning Service.

The 3D Image Service includes:

  • Service1st completes the site visit allowing you or your team to work Remotely without having to visit the property
  • Photo Documentation
  • Floor plans including Dimensions and Schematics
  • 3D Virtual Videos and Walk-through capabilities

We look forward to learning how we can help you!