School Districts and IAQ Management

The Report on School Districts and Managing IAQ

The U.S. Green Building Council released a new report detailing how school districts around the country have continued to manage air quality.  It identifies where the needs are, the specific challenges, and highlights the direct correlation between IAQ and student performance.

As highlighted in the report there is a need to support school districts with implementation of airborne infection control strategies to support mitigation of any future pandemics, seasonal epidemics, and, to improve overall indoor air quality.

Service1st Restoration offers K-12 Schools and Universities assistance to proactively address indoor air quality.  Strategic initiatives can be put in place to provide safe environments. Good indoor air quality and the health of students and faculty are vital.  The IAQ can be managed by implementing maintenance measures that prioritize the air quality.  To learn more about strategic initiatives and maintenance measures,         contact Service1st Restoration tel:1-717-232-5444

The Full New Center for Green Schools Report on Indoor Air Quality in Schools

For the article on the Report:–49835?oly_enc_id=3469B3067334D9X&u=&source=facility_insider&utm_source=facility_insider&utm_campaign=fnnewsletter-2022&utm_medium=email

The link also shares multiple current and informative resources including:

  • Improving critical facility energy resilience with onsite generation and storage.  Traditional back-up systems and best options are addressed by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) as well as funding sources that may be available for resilience projects.
  • Healthcare facility and local energy emergency planning templates, guidebooks, and training materials that support a diverse range of emergency events are available in the report.