Service1st Offers Building Managers On-site Inspections to Assess Potential Property Risks

Mold Prevention

Managing any property requires constant evaluations.

It’s no secret how dangerous mold can be, and discovering it in your business or facility is often unexpected and unsettling.

In many cases, mold doesn’t get treated until it’s reached a certain level that it can be smelled or visually seen.  It is common to hear concerns about indoor exposure to mold from occupants displaying health symptoms.  When it reaches this point, removing existing mold and additional repairs can become an expense that could have been avoided.  Since mold requires water to grow, preventing moisture intrusion is important to prevent mold in buildings. Moisture problems can be caused by multiple factors including uncontrolled humidity, original construction defects where the building was not properly sealed, ventilation problems or continual undetected water intrusion.

Managing any property requires constant evaluations.  Consistent advice is to be proactive.  If you suspect mold or an indoor air quality issue, Service1st Restoration can discuss performing a visual inspection with you to determine where the mold originated from and the necessary remediation steps.   With any inspection, you can expect to learn more about the IAQ testing process along with the sequence or timeline that should be followed to prevent mold from becoming airborne or, immediate containment if necessary.

Service1st Restoration is a certified firm with certified mold remediation and restoration technicians.

Proactively, Service1st continues to help building managers, custodians and property managers with on-site inspections to assess potential property risks that may eventually lead to water intrusion.

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