Odor Assessment and Removal Services

Odor Removal Services: A process that Service1st Restoration offers and successfully completes

Whether it is odor from a fire, cooking, hoarding, animals, or an odor due to decomposition, Service1st offers assessment and removal services for any commercial or residential property.

The steps Service1st follows for a successful odor removal include:

Upon being contacted, Service1st will provide an on-site assessment to determine the cause/source of the odor in order to prepare a removal plan.  With a thorough understanding of the science behind odor removal, Service1st will plan the removal process and complete an estimate.

An initial step that is included in every plan is to remove whatever can be visually seen that is contributing to the odor. Upon this being completed, the second step that Service1st technicians will complete is to remove the source of the odor.  The source cannot typically be seen, this step requires a comprehensive cleaning method to ensure the odor removal is successful.  Typically, this is a slow and very tedious but thorough process.  This source removal process is most important step, before moving forward.

Once the source of the odor has been removed, Service1st will treat the airborne odor.  Treating the airborne odor is completed in order to remove the source of odors that cannot be physically removed. By use of our specialized equipment this process will be completed.  This is not an attempt to mask the odor – the thorough removal process being completed prior to this step will enable elimination of the airborne odor during this step.

Shellac sealing is a final step that may or may not be required during an odor removal process.  This step is usually completed on building materials that cannot be removed such as structural framing.  Shellac Sealants are used as the final step when all other steps have been completed and when it may be necessary.

Service1st Restoration Team consists of Industry Certified Professionals that provide Odor Assessment and Removal Services in structures as well as vehicles.

Additional Services offered:

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Contact Service1st to learn more about the Services offered, Disaster Planning and The Emergency Preparedness Partnership (EPP) Program https://service1st.pro/epp-emergency-preparedness/