Protecting your facility from mold

Jaime Novinger-Toigo, President, Service 1st Restoration


Service1st is prepared to take a proactive approach with local School Districts and Businesses to address mold concerns prior to the facilities having a mold issue.

After all the recent rain and with the temperatures projected to rise, mold growth has a more significant potential breeding ground.

Service1st’s highly trained remediation technicians are industry leaders in mold identification, cleanup, and remediation.   If you suspect mold call Service1st to discuss an Assessment. Service1st can do the proper testing of the alleged fungus to determine if and what the facility is dealing with.

All that mold needs in order to start growing is a hard surface, oxygen, and moisture. These factors make places like classrooms, with quickly changing environments, a great place for the problem to start, but it can happen just about anywhere and at an extremely fast pace.

There are many dangers of leaving mold even though the initial signs may appear harmless, mold can cause extreme damage to the structure of the building. Also, mold is disturbing for those with a weak immune system, including the elderly and children.  Often, mold is left for an internal maintenance team to address by wiping down.  This process will increase the mold spores creating a much larger problem.  Service 1st’s team properly follows the Industry standards for remediation and is responsible for restoring the facility to a pre-mold situation. This job should be left to the professionals that know the responsibility that the District or Business has, to protect the safety of its personnel.   Available for an assessment at any time, don’t hesitate to call with any concerns.