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Commercial Renovations Done Right

Service1st Restoration takes pride in our services from beginning to end. The follow through is just as important to us as to you. We respond quickly and efficiently to minimize loss and get you back on track as fast as possible. 

Service1st Restoration provides complete construction phase services to restore your building to perform and look its best.

During the pre-construction phase, we work diligently with the owner to ensure that what we have proposed meets or exceeds all expectations. We believe that taking this partner approach is essential to the overall success of a project.

We maintain skilled craft personnel that include framing carpenters, finish carpenters, drywall mechanics, painters, plumbers and electricians. We typically self-perform 90 percent of the work we are contracted to do. Because of our strong local presence and our solid reputation, we have a variety of professionals to draw upon should specialty trade contractors be required. From adding space or creating functionality to modifying for looks or modernization. Projects can take on a variety of forms. Service1st Restoration understands this and will always partner with you during the process. We aim to work within your schedule while adding as few disruptions to your everyday life as possible.

Not only do we specialize in upgrades and makeovers, we take the time to identify and correct any potential problems that could damage your home. Specializing in restoration and remodeling allows us to remodel while updating any plumbing, electrical, insulation, or ventilation issues that may exist to protect your business from water, mold and fire damage

From complete remodels for aesthetic purposes to efficiency upgrades, we can make suggestions and design a plan that fits your expectations and budget.