Decontaminate & Disinfect your property to protect your personnel

Recent reports document that the COVID-19 virus may remain viable on nonporous surfaces much longer than other viruses, increasing the risk of human transmission. Suggested precautions include a thorough cleaning of all areas and touch points and the application of disinfectant.  Service1st offers a Fogging Application designed to address human transmission by applying the disinfectant on all surfaces throughout the facility.

This application is an important risk mitigation technique that will reduce exposure from the secondary transmission. The Service1st Team applies the same safety and preventative procedures to virus disinfecting as applied to bio-hazard situations, in order to protect all personnel.  The Decontamination and Disinfecting fogging service is a safe application in all environments.

Service1st Restoration is available to discuss this application and how it can be applied to your unique facility and enable you to operate in a safe environment.  717-232-5444.