Restoration Professionals provide Advanced Cleaning Services

Seeking advanced cleaning services to establish proactive measures in order to protect your property or personnel from coronavirus? Service1st Restoration professionals will help you implement and exceed the CDC and WHO guidelines.

The interim recommendations that have been consistently released have created a lot of questions on how to navigate and implement the best cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

Service1st Restoration professionals offers deep mitigation cleaning and disinfecting services in areas affected by the coronavirus. We have developed unique and advanced cleaning techniques that follow the protocols set by the CDC. Service1st uses advanced equipment and EPA registered products. We will carefully and thoroughly disinfect your area to help you minimize the risk of contracting the virus or cross contamination.

If your operation employs a custodial or janitorial staff and you are considering increasing their workload or scope of work to include coronavirus cleaning, there are reasons to consider utilizing a company that has technicians whom have been trained on virus decontamination.  Commercial cleaning services do not typically offer bio-hazard or virus decontamination services nor have the training on containment chambers, advanced equipment and PPE. The protocols we have in place protect our team as well as you, your employees and personnel.

Cross-contamination should be taken seriously.

To know more about our coronavirus advanced cleaning services and how to best implement them on your property and in your workspaces, contact us today by calling tel:7172325444.  We remain ready to protect your property and personnel.

To help your business plan, prepare and respond to the coronavirus disease 2019, follow this link: Resources for Businesses and Employers:

In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus, the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry has released the following information to help Pennsylvania businesses:

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