Managing Property Emergencies

You didn’t get into the business of managing Property Emergencies, but We did.

Managing a facility or property can be overwhelming, even with a designated department.  We understand that facility management comes with unique challenges – that’s why we continue to remain focused helping companies protect what matters.  When we do our job, we know you can remain focused on your Personnel and Business Operations.

The key term is resilience. The Service1st approach to business resilience is simple:

Understanding your business continuity plan and what matters most to you.

We take a proactive approach managing Property Emergencies by understanding how we can be of value to you.  When an emergency happens, we know our response to your business is critical.

We are in the business of managing property emergencies and ultimately returning the property to a pre-loss condition so your business operations can resume.

Common Terminology we use managing Property Emergencies:

Emergency Preparedness Partnership (EPP):

The Service1st EPP Program, the program designed with your business in mind.  As your emergency partner, we will respond for you to accelerate recovery time and minimize business disruption. Planning for potential disasters and recovery of damaged property and corporate assets has never been more important.  If you would like to connect with us to discuss the features and benefits of the S1 EPP Program, please follow the link to learn more:

Emergency Preparedness:

The planning that a company engages in to plan and prepare for potential events.

Crisis Management:

The steps a company takes immediately after an unexpected event occurs to protect company assets, including its employees, property, and data.

Disaster Recovery (DR):

A subset of business continuity. A set of policies, tools, and procedures to recover or continue operating vital technology infrastructure and systems following a disaster. Also referred to as DR.

Business Continuity (BC):

The process of creating systems, plans and procedures to ensure that an organization can continue operating after a serious incident or disaster, or can recover to an operational state quickly. Also referred to as BC.  BC involves keeping all essential aspects of a business functioning despite significant disruption.

Business Resilience:

An organization’s ability to adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous operations and protecting people, property, assets, and overall brand equity.

Service1st Restoration offers expertise to proactively address and handle emergency situations and is prepared to help your company prepare for emergencies to best avoid business disruption.

For further information:

As part of its emergency preparedness program (EPP), Service1st Restoration offers pre-planning and emergency response services to companies, government organizations, individuals and insurance companies, providing 24/7 planning and implementation services for any situation a client deems an emergency.