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Emergency water damage and mold containment

Water, Drying & Dehumidification

Did you know that approximately half of all property insurance claims are water related?

We encourage an immediate response with any water loss. If not properly responded to, water damage can cause major interruption to operations. The result can be costly repairs and replacement costs as well as the liability for not mitigating the damage immediately. Our trained technicians will respond for you reducing the effects of water.

We will restore your home to normal while walking you through each step along the way. Service1st Restoration is an IICRC Certified Firm with technicians that have been trained and qualified to promptly mitigate water problems.

Drying & Dehumidifying

Service 1st Restoration technicians are trained in psychometrics—the science of drying.

Structural drying is a science that weighs many variables to achieve the proper outcome. We have a thorough understanding of hidden moisture and hidden water damage and how to not only recognize it, but mitigate and document the recovery process to eliminate any environmental concerns. Working as your general contractor, our team will keep the end result in mind, to help you—as the property owner—make the most cost-effective decisions throughout the process.

We have several hundred pieces of drying equipment at our location, available to address a variety of job sizes. We will use the most efficient equipment for your properties loss to achieve effective drying. Our goal—as always—is to respond quickly to all water losses to prevent further damage.

Water Damage Mitigation Services

    • Debris Removal
    • Extraction
    • Dehumidification
    • Restorative Drying
    • Structural Drying
    • Specialty Drying Techniques
    • Rapid Response Mobilization
    • Restoration