Service1st Restoration Offers Virtual Adjusting For Insurance Companies By Providing 3D Image Scanning


Service1st Restoration offers Virtual Adjusting for Insurance Companies by providing 3D Image Scanning.

Serving insurance companies & claims adjusters, Service1st Restoration’s Virtual Adjusting Service provides accuracy, claim efficiency and improvement by eliminating manual property assessments and allowing for Internal Adjusters to focus on client retention, quality service and company growth.

Insurance Companies: 

PROTECT YOUR ADJUSTERS AND CUT UNNECESSARY COSTS.  Service1st is available to provide the most accurate documentation of property dimensions, the entire structure and everything within the property.  This 3D Image will enable your Adjusters to work internally or remotely without the travel time, and without being exposed to the elements of the Loss or any current environmental or bio-hazard concerns.  No longer will it be necessary to outsource Inspections or have internal adjusters visit or revisit sites.  Service1st Restoration can provide the accurate documentation needed to properly adjust a claim.  Adjuster’s will be enabled to improve their claim processing speed and accuracy once provided the 3D Images from Service1st.

CONTENT INVENTORY? NO PROBLEM. The 3D Image will enable content inventory accuracy to a level beyond anything a photo inventory could provide.

REDUCE THE RISK OF IMPROPERLY INSURING A BUILDING.  Service1st can provide a 3D scan that offers the most accurate pre-loss condition in order to document assets, including buildings of all sizes.  Your insurance underwriting department’s accuracy will increase with this level of provided documentation.

Additional Clients we Serve with our 3D Image Services:

Property Owners:  PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT.  Document the investment you have made to your structure, and your content or personal belongings.  The 3D Image Service1st Restoration will complete and provide is the most thorough documentation available and can be saved in the cloud, to avoid losing the documentation.   In the event of an insurance claim, every area of your property is documented with the 3D Images, to support your assets, investments, and purchases.  Everything within your residence or building, including your contents, can be included enabling you to have an all inclusive documented inventory.

Service1st Restoration is available to help you take a proactive approach towards risk management, enabling you to control the outcome and negotiate with accuracy.

Facility & Property Managers: ELIMINATE UNNECESSARY TASKS.  Service1st will document current conditions at your sites, including the structure, utilities, and equipment, enabling your Team to focus on maintaining and growing your client base through better planning. Facility and Property Managers will be able to determine necessary site improvements and the scopes of work from the thorough 3D renderings and the schematic floor plans.  Once your 3D Image is created, manual take-off’s or measurements are no longer needed, saving your personnel time and money.

  • Schematic Floor Plans
  • Documentation of All Assets within the Structure
  • Realistic Photos with Incredible Technology
  • Ability to Walk-through the Site through a Virtual Tour

Since 2005, Service1st Restoration has been in the Property Restoration Industry and has focused on taking a proactive approach to Emergency Response Services.  Call today to learn more about the 3D Image Scanning Services 717-232-5444.