Contents Restoration

Contents Restoration is a Service that we are extremely proud of!  When you have an item that appears beyond salvageable, let the Content Pros at Service1st take action.  Over the years helping those in need, we have found that when there is a loss, whether from fire, smoke, water or any other damage, certain and specific steps need to be quickly taken to insure quality restoration of your possessions.  We have a state of the art facility where we will transport your belongings to, in order to begin the restoration process. Our Content Pro’s will take care of everything from the initial Inventory to the Pack-out, the transfer to our facility and the Cleaning and Restoration.  We will store your contents in our secure facility until we are completed with the reconstruction phase, at which time, we will return your contents to your home or business.

The Steps of Content Restoration

  • Pack-Out
  • Storage/Clean/Restore
  • Delivery/Set-Up
  • Total Loss Items
  • Important Customer Tips