Pack-out procedures

1.) This part is the initial procedure and one of the most important parts of the restoration process. The pack-out begins with a determination of your content items by one of our experts and you. Items considered salvageable are inventoried, removed from your home, cleaned, and safely stored in our climate controlled storage facility. Items deemed a total loss are left on site to be listed by you for reimbursement by your insurance company. We do however offer an inventory service if you cannot complete this on your own or if the home is too badly damage for re-entry. Once inventoried you will need to sign a release statement releasing your non-salvage content for disposal.

    • Small items such as dishes, knick knacks, books etc. are carefully wrapped and boxed.
    • Large items and furniture are tagged and inventoried. Photos and previous condition reports are taken and made at this time.
    • A copy of the inventory list signed by by you is given to you for your records.
    • All inventoried items and packed boxes are loaded and transported to our storage facility for cleaning, ozoning for odor elimination, and storage

2.) It is our policy that certain items are not packed out and certain services can not be provided due to state and local statutes. They include the following:

    • Hand guns
    • Jewelry, cash and coins. If found during pack-out, we hand the items directly to you or set them aside to be returned at the first opportunity.
    • Important papers such as stocks, bonds, passports, insurance documents. Please remember to set aside any items you will need for the time spent in your temporary residence.
    • Cable T.V. boxes are not removed from the property due to lease agreements between the cable company and you, it is your responsibility to return these to the cable company.
    • Clothing, unless you give Service 1st the authority to call a dry-cleaner in.