Serving Facility Managers with Emergency Response

Prior to a Disaster, Service1st Restoration helps Facility Managers with Disaster Planning

Planning for a disaster requires time and energy to consider all potential Risks and Emergencies that could occur.  The process can be daunting to any seasoned facility manager or business continuity manager.  Service1st takes a proactive approach to meet with facility managers prior to a loss occurring.  The intent is to learn about the business operations and to consider the most important items to help avoid unnecessary disruption.

Service1st offers services for facility managers such as:

  • Property Inspections/Assessments
  • Tagging Shut-off Valves
  • Providing Safety Materials
  • 3D Photo Scanning to Document Conditions and Inventories
  • 3D Scanning Documentation for Disaster Planning and/or Insurance

Contact Service1st to learn more about the Emergency Services offered, Disaster Planning and The Emergency Preparedness Partnership (EPP) Program