Streamline your operations and improve your property presentation

Property Scans that capture every detail…

Service1st Restoration provides extreme value to Facility & Property Managers, Insurance Claim Departments and Agents, Disaster and Business Continuity Managers along with Real Estate Investors.  The 3D Scanning and Sketch services that Service1st is providing offers these business sectors the opportunity to outsource their own property assessments while providing documentation that leaves no question of accuracy.

The 3D scans that Service1st produces provides deep insights by capturing the precise measurements of the property. The scan captures every detail of the property with a high-resolution imagery captured by the scanner’s camera. It is a replica of the property that can be viewed as a virtual tour!

Regardless of your industry, there are three great reasons to utilize this service through Service1st:

  1. For a complete, up-to-date site floorplan with accurate measurements of each floor.   This will eliminate the need to complete property assessments by outsourcing this service to Service1st.  These floorplans are critical for property portfolios, emergency planning, insurance policies, and construction.
  2. Your property can be remotely viewed by insurance adjusters, agents, and any property stakeholder that has a vested interest in seeing what the current condition of the structure is as well as all of the content within the space. With the onset of COVID-19, this will allow your work to continue without having to visit the property.
  3. Having such thorough and complete scans allows you to compare the take-off to architectural drawings or floorplans previously on record with a construction company, an insurance company or a municipality and will eliminate previous take-off errors and detect discrepencies. 

Service1st is available to help you improve your property documentation while providing an incredible presentation of your portfolio.

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